12 AMAZING Minecraft Creations You Won't Believe!

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Minecraft is the second most popular video game of all time. It’s been popular for around 8 years now and whether you’re a child or an adult the game can be enjoyed by everyone. Some of the creations the community have made are almost unbelievable, from the starship enterprise, all the way to a working quad core computer within game, you’re watching Gamerbrain and today we’re taking a look at 11 of the most amazing creations in Minecraft!

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33 Responses

  1. GamerBrain says:

    How many of you guys play Minecraft? Remember to LIKE, COMMENT And SUBSCRIBE! For more gaming content! 😀

  2. Asanti's Gaming Channel says:

    Ffs these guys have mastered outside the box thinking, I really don't believe some of these lmao gg no re

  3. Fahrel Ibra says:

    Why you should build it if you survical alone😁

  4. A furry Faggot says:


  5. Umair Junaid says:

    Okay.. Hogwarts was fucking awesome

  6. Panda Shy says:

    hello check this game is awesome


  7. Panda Shy says:

    hello check this game is awesome


  8. Remix King says:

    This makes me wanna build New York Chicago las Angeles Las Vegas and Houston

  9. XMusicx says:

    I still do

  10. Ayaan Sheikh says:

    Who is here in 2020👇👇👇👇

  11. Big Bloxian says:

    Stop making my Dirt House Look Bad

  12. just ikeiedo says:

    I wish i can build like that whaha

  13. Adrian Ødegård says:

    The nr 6 was crazy

  14. CrazedDDLCFan says:

    How to gain an inferiority complex
    Step 1: Build a nice personal Minecraft base
    Step 2: Watch this video
    Congratulations Your not alright!!!

  15. Christopher W says:

    And now…"From the creators of the 12 most amazing Minecraft builds.. 12 of the fattest and loneliest people who created them " Please someone make the vid.

  16. Coda says:

    0:52 i don’t see it

  17. брежневский says:

    i build town of Vladimir Suzdal

  18. Creator G says:

    Me the whole time: 👁👄👁

  19. Gidi Kolorowy says:

    Where is creation from video image?

  20. Martin says:

    It’s the # 1 game of all time get your shit right

  21. Mason Bohm says:

    I don’t see for example how 7 is better than like 8 number 7 I don’t really get

  22. Mason Bohm says:

    Number 12 is so insane and amazing I can’t even begin to imagine what number 1 is

  23. Catherine Kwon says:

    Number 1 should have been the hermicraft server

  24. Outstanding Sisters says:

    Y’all getting out of hand with these thumbnails 😭

  25. No name ! says:

    They should have put in jeracraft's most ambitious project that looked like Olympus…

  26. Philspy says:

    Most popular game of the last 8 years

    At the time this video was posted minecraft: Been out for 7 years

  27. Redstone Master says:

    It can't be solstheim without Ravenrock skall village

  28. Cassandra Bee says:

    What's the texture pack for the Hypixel map?

  29. Lucid Cloaks says:

    0:01 i swear to god if thid guy thinks that fortnite is more popular

  30. My Business says:

    Is the background music a remix of a sonic colors stage

  31. Rehan Beg says:

    I hate people sayin…dont forget to click on like and hit the fu… bell icon😊🔫

  32. Jimi Säteri says:

    Imagine if u would find ur own house from that LA recreation.

  33. Cephalon Skynet says:

    Not impressed only if its done on survival mode with no mods lol

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