#115 Capturing in hard candy the flavor of the Yellow Bird Tiki Drink.

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This is the 2nd video in the Tiki Series. Here we make a version of the Yellow Bird. There will be about 4-5 flavors based off tiki drinks as an inspiration. We make this while we talk about the first animals in space.

Other Lofty Pursuits videos that cover space.

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30 Responses

  1. Michael despirito says:

    More Louie Prima please

  2. bagok701 says:

    It would be neat to see you and tipsy bartender do a colab.

  3. Shannon McKerracher says:

    Its 4am and the power went off, I cant sleep so I'm watching you make candy until it comes back on❤

  4. Joanna Plummer says:

    I like this format much better than the last

  5. Kellie Hopstein says:

    It’s not a bow it’s a tropical flower 🌺

  6. stickmandaninacan says:

    how do you decide on when you use the hook to aerate the candy vs using that spinny thing? they both look fun haha


    Imagine eating 25 pounds of candy!!

  8. yino says:

    When will you deliver to Panamá?

  9. Heidi Hall says:

    Mmmmmm yummy that's the kind of drink I could take to work:)

  10. IceMan Aaron says:

    That is a tough design, well done

  11. Scott W says:

    Ok Greg. Everyone knows you're good at this but what you just did on this video defines you as a Master.

  12. James Messina says:

    Can you do a candy flavored Japanese lychee flavor?

  13. Alyathaean says:

    Yeah… it's always fun to hear that the USA and the Soviets wouldn't have reached the space without German Nazi technology and scientists like Wernher von Braun. Always wonder if there would have been a space race without WW2 and the technology from the German.

  14. Yisrael Wealcatch says:

    I'm curious about the candy pulling machine. Does it have a dead-man's switch in case your hand accidentally gets stuck in it?

  15. Billa2720 says:

    Planet of the Simian Spaceman Surf Bands! The yellow candy reminded me of banana flavored taffy and got the saliva glands going. Good job!

  16. Maria Del Rosario Bellotti says:

    Good job, Greg! I bet that eas hard to figure it out and put together!

  17. thriwren says:

    Here is a thought for "test" batches and/or batches that did not turn out just quite right by calling the package as 'Not quite right' or use that for mystery flavor type batch (colorless/white or color don't match flavor).

  18. thriwren says:

    8:34 that machine NEEDs that sugar.

  19. S.C. Wood says:

    Would you ever consider marking a video chronicling the prototyping process of an image candy? I know you did that for your pickle flavor, but I'm curious about the visual aspect as well.

  20. MrQuickLine says:

    When do you use the hook to fold in bubbles and when do you use the machine? What situations make one more appropriate than the other?

  21. Misti Cato says:

    Discworld reference for the win!

  22. TheBeatlesToday says:

    Greg, I appreciate how you’re trying different video styles, but also paying attention to what viewers like.

  23. Chesca Christine says:

    Greg, I love “thus Spake Zarathustra” in the background

  24. Matdy James says:

    thanks for turning on the CCs Greg!

  25. Mojos Bigstick says:

    That's an umbrella. Good job!

  26. Nancy Ware says:

    I'd love to see a video that goes through how you work out the pattern for a candy through to the finished product. And just out of curiosity, what happens to the tiny bits from chipping the rods to pieces? Ice cream toppings?

  27. sinmore11 says:

    the lack of perfection in the assembly shows in the finale outcome…..

  28. Krazy-Asian says:

    Just ordered more candy from ya… seems I can’t get enough….

  29. David Amor says:

    I love you Greg. Could endlessly listen to you talk about interesting things, and watch you work.
    Thank you for these videos.

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