10 Best Games That Let You Play as a Vampire

Having the gift of immortality and always lurking in the shadows, vampires have sparked a peculiar interest since the beginning of time. Their notoriety became even more visible with the release of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, more and more media products trying to shed some light on these mysterious blood thirsty creatures. And since video games are a major part of the entertainment market, they have their fair share of vampire themed products, many of which you’ll find in today’s list that encompasses 10 of the best gaming titles that let you play as the blood sucking antihero!

Narrator: Davide Arbisi

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49 Responses

  1. Mahoko says:

    Okay, guys. We are now hyped because of upcoming Bloodlines game in 2020.

  2. Brazul Blint says:

    Omg I adored dark watch but my ps2 stopped supporting it because of the purple disc being harder to read than normal disks. If they remade it i'd buy it in a heartbeat!

  3. MezzOps says:

    lords of shadow 2

  4. Paras Sethi says:


  5. Mel Belle says:

    i'm currently looking for a game but what i remeber is vague and all these vampire websites and whatnot don't help :(, but nice video anyways

  6. InfamousMan says:

    Where the hell is Castlevania: SOTN!?

  7. NOL1FEK1NG says:

    The witcher Blood and wine

  8. Gheith Yankogypt says:

    Legacy of Kain Blood Omen series you play as a blood sucking vampire/ Legacy of Kain as Raziel you absorb souls

  9. CaptainDust 0324 says:

    Dark is hands down the worst stealth game I've ever played

  10. Ner' Zhul says:

    Really enjoyed the first legacy of Kain on original PlayStation, would be a awesome title to remake

  11. MissinInAction says:

    most of these games feel like you are playing as a video game character with gimmicks and balanced enemies so that the player won't get powerful which is pretty stupid considering that's the point of being a vampire. if you want a real deal play masquerade bloodline.

  12. J Miller says:

    Where skyrim or oblivion!

  13. strandalx says:

    Mmh, to be more accurate, A Vampyre Story was made by Bill Tiller, formerly of Lucasarts Games, his company's name is Autumn Moon Enterntainment.

    Nice catch, that you got that Rayne's a dhampir right. Many make the mistake of assuming her to be a vampire

  14. Raymond Vail says:

    Legacy of kain was legittttt

  15. João Vitor says:

    First time i've seen dark in a positive top 10

  16. Jason Brody says:

    There just isn’t much Vampire games which is a shame honestly

  17. Dani Flunky Cook says:

    i love how you showcased the best vampire game ever made (vtmb) by showing footage of a glitch. i get it, that game was a glitch hell, but cm on, it deserves better than this.

  18. Simo The vampire says:

    You guys love vampires or not

  19. Kiyan Mehrpour says:

    I hope they make bloodryne 3😕

  20. Void Walker says:

    No Skyrim or Castlevania on the list , but Dark makes it in?

  21. Sir Crimson Wolf says:

    You forgot about Skyrim

  22. Connor Bowersox says:

    Don’t you just love catacooms

  23. TITAN WOLF says:

    I was hoping for skyrim

  24. Cagatay Ocal says:

    Vtmb is the only vampire game worth playing seriously forget vampyr that's rubbish the cult classic is the one

  25. Az_izwith sweets Harriott says:

    "Best" Some of these games Are Trash

  26. Harold says:

    I fucking miss Nosgoth sooo much 🙁

  27. Pandilica Eduard says:

    Castelvania its another good vampyre game.

  28. H41R0 says:

    Legacy of kein is shet

  29. Tarek Bassem says:

    Great video ❤️❤️

  30. -Kinaar Ozeat- says:

    Sanguine 2

  31. MistrzRozpierdalacz says:

    Legacy of Kain for life ! <3 Ultimate awesome series of all time.

  32. Madalin Grama says:

    Dark is a complete piece of shit. It has no business being on this list, even in 10th place. Then again, there aren't that many vampire games, sadly. But I can think o one that should ahve been on this list instead of that disaster of a game: Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, the game in which you play as the goddamn OG vampire himself, Dracula. Doesn't get any more metal than that…

  33. Mr Nobody says:

    Man I loved Vampire The Masquerade,Legacy Of Kain, just a bunch of vampire games that's were absolutely fun…but still didnt make you feel like a vampire imo I want to be able to take off flying whenever and walk or crawl around on ceilings or walls idk

  34. okeE says:

    Where is skyrim xDD.

  35. Alexandra Fuentes says:

    VTMB was iconic as hell. Not only does the game have a whole different feeling to it, it's lore is amazing. I wish there would be a 3rd game 😔

  36. Mezer4u says:

    The king of Vamp role-playing flies under the radar once again SKYRIM.

  37. Alex Andru says:

    Too bad World of Darkness never made it ….. it would if been just like Bloodlines only in an Online environment and with way better cooler graphics…. seriously sad to know a game made so many years ago is simply unbeatable even by Vampyr (not a disappointing game but just meh comparing to what the player-base would if hoped to get)

  38. PixelzGaming says:


  39. Tuğra Yatır says:

    Dark and best games no no no

  40. Elchamooo Beatz says:

    They need to make a game about vampire diaries or the originals where you can play as klaus or elijahh

  41. atomicturist says:

    The title should be "9 best, and a few Average Games that Let You Play as a Vampire. And Dark" Actually Skyrim Dawnguard is far better vampire game than half of those 🙂

  42. MartyS X says:

    I'm kinda sad that u forget to mention Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption it's very old and the gameplay isn't the best but still it's very nice RPG for it's time

  43. Jere Jauhojärvi says:

    How many of you people are a big fan of VTMB? (Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines)

  44. Kristian Madsen says:

    am i the only one who wants a vampire game where you start at the bottom and work your way to become the king/queen(or one of the kings/queens anyways) like dont get me wrong Vampyr is cool and all, but for he its too much about being a doctor and finding cures. i just wanna be a badass vampire who makes his own kingdom from the ground, and destroy everyone who stands in my way lol

  45. Kenneth Adoba says:

    castlevania lords of shadow 2?

  46. Koyote 420 says:

    You forget casivanya lords of shadows 2

  47. CESSKAR says:

    Only clicked to unlike if Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines was not number 1.

  48. HardWarUK says:

    Better than at least three games in this list is the indie PC game "Bloodlust: Shadow Hunter", a mostly dungeon crawler, fully voiced, where you play a vampire. You can sire humans into your "family" and send them off to collect loot, or stay and defend you. It was written by one guy and has Very Positive steam reviews and a huge fan base. It's under $20, and it's a crime how few know about this gem!

  49. that fit Asian says:

    I fee like it would be a good life as a vampire. Kill the evil never have to worry about danger or death and I don’t go outside during the day anyway so I guess if wouldn’t be that different

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