👍The Best Tiki Torches Real Life Review👍

This is a Real Life Review of the King Island torch. If you are interested in this product, this link will take you directly from where I purchased them.
Island King Torch:
Citronella Fuel:

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Adapter kit:
Intex Hot Tub:
Intex Pool Light:
Intex Sand Filter:
Intex Vacuum: https: //amzn.to/2X1bo4W
LED Waterfall:
Canon DSLR SL2:
Foodi Ninja:
Hyperiokon 5000K LED Shop Lights:
Homak Cabinet:
Lepower 20W LED Spots:
LE ILUX Floods:
Maggift 6 Lumen solar lantern:
Sun Sail:
Litom Solar:
Projector Screen:
If not available, this is a close competitor:
Higher Quality projector:
Flickering Solar Candles:
Island King Torch:
Citronella Fuel:

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3 Responses

  1. CALLIE PIGG says:

    Did you zip tie them on the side of the pool? They look really close to the pool. Ordering now off your link. Thanks!

  2. erich.82 says:

    I really like these product reviews and find them to be very helpful. Not sure why you don't have more viewers.

  3. Lori Lyn says:

    These look AWESOME! I was waiting for this review! Beautiful video of them lit around your pool.,.they look so cool! Love the magnetic closure on top, as well as the way you fill them, then close off the fuel. Really great review!

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